Journal on Construction Robotics

The Springer Journal on Construction Robotics addresses an emerging domain for robotic application: construction and demolition.

This domain has so far seen minimal robotic automation due the size of objects involved, a harsh, dynamic environment, and little exposure of civil engineers and architect to robotics in general. The recent years have seen growing efforts to alleviate this, and this journal builds upon this momentum for the topic of construction robotics.

It aims at linking the robotics research community with researchers from architecture as well as civil-engineering. In doing so it covers the robotic automation of all stages: from pre-fabrication of customized large scale parts over on-site assembly and inspection to refurbishment and demolition.

The journal aims at becoming the central publication platform for the rapidly growing construction robotics community. Beyond accelerating and promoting this new domain the journal will allow architects and civil engineers to publish their work at the highest scientific level.

Editor in Chief

Prof. Sigrid Brell-Cokcan (RWTH Aachen, Individualisierte Bauproduktion)

Senior Editors

Prof. Thomas Bock (TU München, Baurealisierung und Baurobotik)
Prof. Andreas Müller (JKU Linz, Institut für Robotik)

Managing Editor

Dipl. Ing. Daniel Haarhoff (Robots in Architecture)

Publisher & Editorial Board

The journal is published by Springer and the editorial board will be announced shortly.


The journal seeks contributions that:

Author Information

The journal accepts submissions online via the Editorial Manager platform. The journal continously accepts submissions for review. Special editions have dedicated calls and submission deadlines.

Contributions should ideally use the LaTeX template of Springer with dual columns and not exceed 12 pages in length.

Should you not be able to submit a TeX-file the journal does also accept Word-files. Here we ask that you do not exceed 4.000 words and depending on the number of figures and tables you might be asked to shorten you contribution once the layouted length has been determined.

Detailed author guidelines can be found at the journal’s page at Springer.

Call for Papers

Beyond Industrial Robots

The first special edition of Construction Robotics is seeking contributions that cover robotic systems that address the specific needs of construction and demolition.

Much of the momentum and innovation in this domain over the last years has come from architects adopting industrial robots as a universal machine for fabrication. Yet industrial robots are ill suited for many of the tasks encountered in construction and demolition sites. This special edition therefore aims to gather the plethora of dedicated robot systems that go beyond the capabilities of industrial robots and will be the basis for bringing robots onto the construction site of the future.

Potential topics include but are in no way limited to:

Manuscript Preparation and Submission

Paper must be in accordance with the journal standards. Submission will be via the journals management tool. Please include the following note, should you want your contribution to be considered for the special edition.

This paper is submitted for possible publication in the Special Edition “Beyond Industrial Robots”

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