Call for submissions

From Craft to Construction – Transitioning from the experimental scale to industrial production

This issue of the Journal on Construction Robotics examines the ways in which experimental research impacts the construction site. By examining the connection (and gaps) between experimental research and industrial-scale construction, this issue examines the current and future role of robotics in the AEC industry.

This issue seeks articles which detail the transfer of technology from academic/experimental research to architecture, engineering and construction. To advance the field of Construction Robotics, we seek to share projects where experiments are maturing into on site methods. We are seeking critical inquiries which examine the space between current experimental investigations and the path to construction level application, highlighting a way forward. This can include an analysis of technology needing further development before industrial implementation occurs.

This call for articles seeks to expand the community of construction robotics past the traditional divide between research and practice. We are seeking technical design/engineering research articles which document and demonstrate that the lessons learned from digital craftsmanship have the power to impact the construction industry in real ways. From partnerships between industry and academia to architectural/engineering practices engaged in robotic development, this issue of the Journal on Construction Robotics has a special focus on how the creative robotics research community brings new levels of innovation into the industries of architecture, engineering and construction.


Manuscript Submission: Monday, December 15, 2019
Decision by: January 15, 2020
Reviews Submitted to Authors: February 15, 2020
Revised Manuscripts: March 15, 2020
Publication Date: April 30, 2020