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Modelling and Simulation in Construction Robotics

As the robotics community continues to grow, we see an increased the use of automation in diverse arenas, from academics to creatives and from architects to engineers and contractors. Also, the applications being developed have grown in ambition and complexity. The underlying control methods have evolved from linear flows of information to more circular ecosystems of data driven re-informed designs.

Linear, feed-forward robot operations are powerful in their ability to connect design (e.g. CAD and BIM data) and simulation models (e.g. of the robots and the fabrication processes) to the generation of tool paths and fabrication information. However, this workflow is challenged by the complexity of construction site situations regarding the dynamics in space and time. In this context it is important that robot operations can gather data from their surroundings or actions and our ideal assumptions are re-informed by this information. This data driven approach to connecting design models and simulations with sensor data allows for re-planning and controlling of robot operations based on the ideal design data and updated information from the fabrication process and the environment.

This special focus issue of the Journal on Construction Robotics is calling for papers that explore the use of modelling and simulation in Construction Robotics as well as applications of sensor data to re-inform automated processes.

Article’s Due 5/31/2020
First review 6/15/2020
Revisions 7/15/2020
2nd review 8/01/2020
Publish 9/01/2020

image by Tom Svilans CITA - Radical Cross-disciplinarity: laying the foundations for new material practices – author: Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen

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