Workshop at ERF 2018

The Construction Robotics topic group will be holding a workshop at this years European Robotics Forum in Tampere.

Panelists from various backgrounds ranging from industry, end-users and research will discuss the hotspots within the construction sector that are most relevant for potential robotic solutions, in order to identify the main challenges (technological, societal, legal) and required developments/consolidations/adaptation/specialisation/combination of relevant technologies for this new domain. The panel discussion will merge into an open round table with the audience.

Date and Venue:
14.03.2018 08:30-10:00
Tampere Hall
(to be confirmed)



Participants are asked to prepare points on where they see 1) the need, 2) the obstacles, 3) the potential technological/legal/policy issues, and 4) short and medium term solutions for construction robotics

For the full programme and further information please visit the ERF homepage.